Side Hustle: Earn Money With A Job On The Side

When you begin starting sentences with ‘If I had extra money I would . . .’ then you might need to think about getting your side hustle on with a side job to earn that ‘extra money’.

Years ago, when I was going through a divorce with a young child, I worked full time in an office AND worked as a waitress. Fast forward, my marketing consultancy started as a side job because  I needed to make ‘extra money’ to cover said child’s college tuition. Side hustles have saved my bacon more than once and I’m a big fan.


Saving for a dream vacation, putting away money for retirement, paying off credit card debt or student loans or even trying out an idea for your dream business could be reasons to work on the side and earn that cash.

Side Hustle - Earn Extra Money

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5 Legal Ways to Earn Money on the Side

Use your assets wisely. If you have a vehicle, consider using it to make money. Moonlight as a pizza delivery or takeout driver. Newspaper delivery could be another option to think about. In urban areas consider driving for Uber driver.

How about your home or apartment? If you live near a tourist attraction, in a college town or some other seasonal fun spot you might be able to rent out your space. You’ll need to make sure it’s legal where you live first. There are services like Airbnb  that make the process easy.

This is a great way to make some quick money. Look around. Do you have old toys, books, electronics, video games or even quality gently used clothes that are just taking up space. Get rid of them and make some money buy selling your stuff online. Ebay, Craigslist and Facebook’s online garage sale feature are good places to start.

Writing and Tutoring. You love to write and you’re good at it. Use that talent to make some extra bucks. In today’s digital world, businesses use the internet to market their products and services. Blogging can help a brand tell its story, thus allowing them to connect with their customers. Sites like Freelance Writing Jobs and Freelance Writing will give you a good idea of the types of jobs that could be the perfect fit for you.

Tutoring is another option to think about. Check out This platform for online tutoring allows tutors to work part-time from home and earn extra money. College students, teachers, adjuncts, professors and industry professionals are welcome to apply and share their knowledge and expertise with a wide variety of students —from K-12 to college to adult learners.

Take care of kids and pets. Don’t laugh. Babysitting isn’t just for teenagers. It’s hard finding reliable, quality individuals to care for your child. Look around your network of friends and family. Do you know someone who works a swing shift? Even if you work full-time and have your own children, you might be able to add one or two more children to your daily routine of daycare pickup, homework and dinner. Or maybe you can fill in on the weekends.

Many of us treat our pets like they are our kids. I know I do. When I go out of town or am going to be away from home and need someone to let the dog out, I use a pet sitter. I like the convenience of letting our dog stay in our home AND I like the extra security of having someone coming in and out of our home when we’re gone.

For childcare and pet sitting jobs, check out

Have a hobby? Depending on what your hobby is and your level of expertise, you might be able to turn it into cold hard cash. If you’re good at crocheting, knitting, quilting, photography, painting, carpentry or even bird watching you can share your knowledge with others by teaching a class. Contact your local community center to find out if they offer local classes. Then find out what you need to do to teach one.

Check out Craftsy to get ideas about what you could teach in person or online.

Get your hands dirty. Don’t be afraid of taking a side job that you might think of as below your dignity or station in life. If it’s legal and can help you achieve your goal, then go for it with your head held high! Evening and part-time work opportunities abound in retail, customer service and the food industry. I know someone who worked a few nights for a cleaning service that went into offices after hours and they cleaned up (metaphorically and literally!). A teacher I know works at a seasonal concert venue as an usher. It may be minimum wage but it’s money in her pocket AND she gets to watch concerts for free! A win-win.

So if 2017 is your year to get ahead of debt and realize your financial dreams, consider the side hustle and go for it!

If you have ideas we haven’t thought of, leave them in the comments below.

Kimberly Hickok

Kimberly Hickok

Kim is one of the founding editors of Food Home Life Style. She loves to TRY new things, COOK with fresh ingredients, EAT with friends & family and CREATE in her home and garden. (Photo by Mary Ellen O'Loughlin)
Kimberly Hickok

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Kim is one of the founding editors of Food Home Life Style. She loves to TRY new things, COOK with fresh ingredients, EAT with friends & family and CREATE in her home and garden. (Photo by Mary Ellen O'Loughlin)

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